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Welcome To The Origin Council.

A Home For Anyone.

Welcome to The Origin Council. You have just taken your first step in becoming a part of something amazing. Our community consists of a diverse range of members, each with their own unique tale to tell.

Ours is a community through unity and common interest; you play games? So do we. Got something on your mind? So do we! Come add your history to ours today, and become a part of a quickly growing legacy.

“One can acquire everything in solitude except character.”




Connect, play & share with many like minded community members.

Game With Anyone

Our Community is made up of members that don’t always share the same view in game genres but we all love to play games and that’s what’s important. You can find people to play with in almost any game.


When we’re not playing games, we’re socializing. Humans are social creatures, communicating is what we do. Our community members are full of personality and have their own stories to tell, each and every day.


We like to keep the age preference of our community between 18+, not because we don’t like younger people but to maintain a mature thinking environment. There are exceptions, each application is carefully examined before we make a decision.


Do you stream? Maybe you run a Youtube channel? In our community we feature current and future streamers or Youtubers. We do this because we know that in today’s age one can make a living off playing video games, for this the community can help you with the viewers you need and the followers.

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